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Believing even if you can't see

When I was in kindergarten, my parents wondered why I was not paying attention in class. First and second grade I had the same problem. In third grade they finally checked my eyesight and found out that I was legally blind.


Words of Hope #16 - Codebreakers

For many people, prayer is like a coded message. Morning show host, Jerry Woods visited the National Cryptologic Museum to explain why you know your message is getting through loud and clear when you pray.


Words of Hope #15 - Glassblowing

Some of the most significant moments that shape us come from a place of pain. It's a lot like the way glass is shaped.


Words of Hope #14 - Turn the Page

Johnny and Stacey share these Words of Hope that God is the author of every chapter in your life, so don't be afraid to turn the page.


Words of Hope #13 - Fishing

Fishing is a lot like waiting for God to show up during difficult times. Chaplain Kumar shares these words of hope to encourage you when it feels like God is silent.