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September 20, 2017

string(14) "Family Force 5"

Title: Let It Be Love

Artist: Family Force 5

03:36 AM

string(12) "Colton Dixon"

Title: Through All Of It

Artist: Colton Dixon

03:31 AM

string(18) "David Crowder Band"

Title: How He Loves

Artist: David Crowder Band

03:27 AM

string(21) "North Point InsideOut"

Title: Death Was Arrested

Artist: North Point InsideOut

03:21 AM

string(15) "Big Daddy Weave"

Title: Redeemed

Artist: Big Daddy Weave

03:17 AM

string(11) "Hawk Nelson"

Title: Drops In the Ocean

Artist: Hawk Nelson

03:12 AM

string(14) "Casting Crowns"

Title: One Step Away

Artist: Casting Crowns

03:09 AM

string(18) "For King & Country"

Title: O God Forgive Us

Artist: For King & Country

03:05 AM

string(12) "Matthew West"

Title: Grace Wins

Artist: Matthew West

03:01 AM

string(16) "Meredith Andrews"

Title: Open Up the Heavens

Artist: Meredith Andrews

02:57 AM