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Managing work-life balance

By: Jerry
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Ever feel like life is moving faster than you can keep up?  Before you think you're the only one, there is hope for you.  You're not alone. 

​This week on "What Would You Do Wednesday" we shared a story about a lady who is an administrative assistant.  She was always the go-to person in her office to get things done at the last minute.  She had a baby last year and now she can't do all the last minute project, and she's struggling with her boss because she can't do all the things she used.  Unfortunately, this is something that many of us face.  Dr. David Henderson is the owner of "Four Stones Group" a counseling practice in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   He talks to us about knowing the difference between regular, everyday stress and when it's starting to hurt our mental health.  He gives us practical tips on how to cope and when to get help.  He shares with us where we can stay encouraged and find hope.

Dr David Henderson on Work Life Balance Copy