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Fight cancer and help set a world record

By: Jerry
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"Your child has cancer."  Those are words no parent should ever have to hear, but that's exactly what Jenni and Derek Green of Haymarket, Virginia heard when their son, Alex, was only five.  For the next seven years they did everything they could to battle cancer.  One of things Alex did everyday to stay strong was 20 push-ups.  He had a reminder on his phone to do 20 push-ups twice a day.  In June of 2016 Alex lost his battle with cancer, but his family continues to fight on.  They've formed Alex's Army with the goal of raising awareness and money for childhood cancer research to find a cure.  

On this Saturday, April 8th, you're invited to join Alex's Army as they try to set the world record for most people doing push-ups at once.  They need 2,000 people to make it happen.  Listen to the podcast below to hear the whole story and click here to learn more about the event.