The Road to Hope

By: Tom
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I will never forget visiting a family in Colombia where the father was showing us his one room, dirt floor home. He was so proud of the cinder block building that he was renting and that they had a fridge, even if it did not work.


You represent hope

By: Blanca
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It was 8 years ago, in 2009, I went to visit a Compassion site in Nicaragua, Central America. It was my first time going.


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Her hand is not so small…

By: Tom
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There is a reverence to the picture. In simplicity the pose captures the relationship that my husband and I have had with our Compassion child for many years.


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Stay Warm and Safe

By: Spencer

It’s cold out there! If you plan to spend any time outdoors, even a few minutes, it’s important to take proper safety precautions to stay warm.


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