Finding hope in the middle of the shutdown

By: Jerry
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Dwight Bain is a counselor and he specializes in helping people deal with change. He's got four tips to help you deal successfully during the government shutdown. You can also listen to the Jerry and Blanca Podcast with Dwight on the same topic.


New Year healthier you: healthy diet tips

By: Spencer

Before you change your diet or fitness routine, take these steps to help you set healthy weight loss goals. This will help you create a weight-loss plan you can stick to and keep track of your progress.


The viral snow pic that is highlighting a very special family

By: Becky
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Their friend posted the pics of this very unusual igloo to Reddit; mom and dad are thrilled it went viral because it brings attention to their very unique family.


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Whole Foods Complimentary Spaghetti Dinner

5:00pm - 7:30pm

Whole Foods Market is hosting a c

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  • Select Locations in the DC area


Keeping tabs on arthritis

By: Spencer

Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain, with affects about 54 million people in the U.S. About 31 million Americans have osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis.


House cleaning hacks!

By: Stacey
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Do you have any strange methods for cleaning the house? Johnny & Stacey checked out the Netflix show "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" and they shared your house cleaning hacks!


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