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By: Rob
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To say that Jason Gray’s last few albums came out of hardship would be an understatement. Jason was born and raised in southwestern Minnesota. As a child, he lived in a broken family where disagreements between his parents led to a bitter divorce and custody battle when he was just six. His mother remarried, but his stepfather was abusive and lived a life filled with drugs and crime. But once his mother found Christ, she would leave his stepfather - and made the decision to quit singing in bars in favor of church music and revival recitals. This proved to be a family affair as a young Jason joined the youth ministry and entered the music ministry full-time by 1999.

Music was the cure

What most people don't realize by listening to his music is the fact that he suffers from a severe speech impediment. That's because it completely disappears once he begins singing, which he says is compelling metaphor for how God works in our lives. Jason says it's the same when we give God our broken little lives, he can make music out of it. And over the years he's released a string of contemporary Christian records between 1997 and 2005.  Some years later, his own life was in upheaval when he and his wife divorced in 2015. They have three sons together.

His latest release, Where the Light Gets In, was released in June 2016, and it has a brighter and more hope-centered outlook when compared to his previous albums. “My last album was about grief, but I wanted this album to show real confidence in the grace of God,” says Gray.

That hard-won confidence in grace emerges in a dozen different ways as the dominant theme of his new project. Jason says, “It’s the idea that no matter what we’ve been through, no matter how deep our wounds, we are still truly and deeply known and held and forgiven and loved, that our lives still have meaning and our identities are still rooted in a joyous hope and a call to bring all that we are, even our brokenness—perhaps especially our brokenness—as means by which we can love and serve others in desperate need of that same hope.”

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