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What to do with those eclipse glasses after Monday

By: Jerry
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Yesterday eclipse glasses were at a premium.  I saw one gentleman advertising online that he would sell you a pair of these flimsy, paper glasses for the discount price of $10.00.  That  was at 9:00 in the morning.  By late afternoon, you could probably get a bushel full for $10.00.  Before you toss that pair of glasses, let me tell you about "Astronomers Without Borders."  This group wants your used eclipse glasses.  It turns out there is another eclipse in 2019 that will be visible from parts of Asia as well as South America.  Many of the children in these regions are from families without a lot of resources.  Astronomers Without Borders is planning on taking the used solar eclipse glasses and passing them out at schools in these areas, so these kids can enjoy the same wonder that we just did.

If you'd like to send your glasses, here's the address of Astronomers Without Borders corporate partner that's helping collect the glasses:

Explore Scientific, 621 Madison St., Springdale, Arkansas 72762.

Astronomers Without Borders says they are also planning to release a list of drop-off locations for the glasses.  We'll keep an eye out for you, and if there are any in the D.C. area, we'll be sure to pass that info along here.