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Mandisa gives credit to God on TV

By: Rob
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In case you missed it, Mandisa was featured on Good Morning America today, and had the opportunity to not only sing her latest song "Unfinished," but also share, as she puts it, "how God literally saved my life." And for some, this can seem strange to hear from someone who sings such powerful lyrics like, "Stay in the fight 'til the final round."  But following the death of a close friend, and gaining all her weight back, she just couldn't figure out how to overcome the grief. (Read her full story and her devotional behind her song Unfinished).

She endured this dark journey the last 3 years, shutting everyone out, and nearly ending it all. Eventually, she learned how much she needed others, and that she's still a work in progress - which inspired her latest song "Unfinished." We're so happy to see her again, and know that God is with us in every circumstance.