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Hope for your marriage

By: Rob
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We hear of so many marriages today calling it quits, especially out of Hollywood. That's why, after hearing the positive news about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner choosing not to get divorced and choosing to continue working on their marriage instead, made our hearts happy. We believe God is in the business of restoring marriages, but it takes work! It takes brave husbands and wives asking for help. We know from personal experience, it's not an easy journey getting past the pain of reconciliation.  

But there is hope! 

Dwight Bain is a national speaker, counselor and psychologist, but we like to refer to him as a professional "hope spreader."   

That's why we spoke with someone who, through the years with great wisdom, has helped many couples strengthen their relationships and find hope again. If you, or someone you know is needing help restoring a marriage, Dwight shares the first steps to take towards reconciliation.
Listen to the full interview here.