going deeper

"Enough stuff!" Living clutter-free

By: Spencer

Your space is a reflection of you, and you are a reflection of your space...so do you like how your space reflects you? If you do--good for you! If not, then keep reading! What it takes to clear the mess is just not that complicated. Try these three straight-forward steps and witness your space become more of a reflection of you!


If you have things in your space that are just taking up space you need to let it go! Seriously--aside sentimental value (and we'll talk about what that REALLY means) holding onto stuff is exactly that. So if something is literally sitting there and you haven't looked at it, let alone touched it, then it's time to remove it. Whether you toss or donate, let it be used by someone else or simply place it in the trash where it belongs!


Look, God did not create everything at one time nor was Rome built in one day. So when it comes to clearing the stuff and de-cluttering, take it one space at a time and designate a little time at a time! So don't take on the entire house, or maybe not even the whole room. Start with a ZONE. Let it be a shelf, drawer, or one side of a room. Tackling stuff is overwhelming enough, don't make it even harder by piling on the stuff to rid! Like eating the elephant, take it one bite at a time.


So you're ready to clear the clutter, but how? And what? ANSWER: keep, toss, and donate! Take three containers, no matter what type of containers they are: trash bags, boxes, hampers (even shoe boxes are depending on the size of stuff you're clearing) just make sure they are separated because you don't want them to get mixed-up for what you're going to use them for.

Next, clearly label or note what each container/bag will serve as. One for "KEEP," one for "TOSS" and one for "DONATE."  Then look in the mirror and say "ENOUGH STUFF" and face the mess! As you sift through EVERY SINGLE item, ask yourself is this important? Does it serve a purpose? 

And the big one: DO I NEED IT?!  Answer it honestly. How sentimental is something that has been sitting in a corner under a stack of mail collecting dust, anyway?

Now here's where the "two-for-one" applies: for every one thing you KEEP, you must toss/donate TWO! This will really force you to think about what you really need in your life. 


Written by Tashica Morgan, a local interior designer