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The day Beary slept alone and other moments to be grateful for

By: Jerry
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It was 4:00 in the morning as I was getting ready for work when I noticed it.  "It" is a small bear creatively named "Beary" by my then two-year-old, Adilynn.  She has always had him at her side, until now.  There he was just lying by his lonesome on a pillow.  He almost looked lonely.  I thought back the countless bedtimes that I had spent looking for that bear because Adilynn couldn't sleep without him.  I would encourage her to just snuggle with one of her many other stuffed animals.  She would explain, "Beary is special.  When Grandma gave him to me, she filled him with kisses, so anytime I feel alone I can just hug him tight and I think about Grandma."  Who could argue with that logic?  Now my 9-year-old Adilynn was sound asleep upstairs and wide-eyed Beary was all alone in the living room.  There hadn't even been any drama about it the night before.

And for just a moment I was sad.  I was sad because I realized my little girl isn't quite so little anymore.  And then I smiled.  I smiled because my Christmas baby is healthy and most of the time happy.  I smiled because for the third year in a row she just collected shoeboxes full of gifts for kids who ordinarily wouldn't get anything.  I smiled because she'd still rather play Monopoly with dad than do anything else.  I smiled because she decided to make Jesus her best friend two years ago.  I smiled because she has the faith to pray about the little things, sometimes even before I do.

That little bear reminded me of just how blessed I am this Thanksgiving.  I know this time of year can get awfully hurried, and in the middle of that rush we can miss so much.  I just want to encourage you to take a few moments to relish this moment, this stage of your life.  It may not be perfect, but it doesn't have to be perfect to be blessed.  In the middle of the turkey dinner and the black Friday shopping may you experience the blessings that never come from a store; family and friends to build new memories with.  May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and may you always find your "Beary" when you need to.