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Your start to a healthier you

By: Rob
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If you feel like you don't have time to go to the gym, but you are ready for a healthy change, I am right there with you.

Making your health a priority is good for you and good for everyone around you (your husband and the kids will thank you later). :)

So, how do you start this journey? How do you get the right support? Margaret Schwenke says, "you just have to ask yourself the right questions." Margaret is a Nutrition Counselor and my guest on the morning show this week.

You can go back and listen below to hear her advice on how to improve your relationship with food and also get rid of the guilt that some mommies experience with "me time." I hope this helps you remember how important you are. You matter. Sometimes we forget when we're taking care of everybody else. That's okay, it's only a season. How you value yourself determines your self-worth and motivates you to say "enough is enough," and (in the words of Plumb) instead say, "Lord, I'm ready now."

I'm praying that sinks in for me. It's nice to share this journey with you. Thank you for that. Feel free to leave your comment below with your "ah-ha" moment after hearing the interview!

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