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Morning team takes over Redskins Park

By: Rob
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The Redskins were back at work for their first day of practice yesterday, and Blanca and Producer Spencer got to hang out at Redskins Park as members of the press!

They were able to spend some time talking to a few of the players about their faith, and how it affects the way they approach the game, and interact with other players. As you can imagine, Spencer (aka "The world's biggest Redskins fan!") was as giddy as a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber concert. This was like a dream come true to be that close to the players and team he has followed since he was a kid. Blanca was there as support in case he passed out.

blanca and spencer at redskins park

You can see just how excited Spencer was to be there. This is defensive lineman Ryan Kerrigan walking by--and trust me--those muscles are larger than they appear!

Redskin Ryan Kerrigan and Spencer

At one point Kirk Cousins, Redskins starting quarterback, fielded questions from the podium and Blanca was able to squeeze in one last question before the music started playing. We don't think it could've been planned any better! (Yes, that's a song by Creed playing in the background). We're so proud of her--this was her first press conference--and the only woman to ask a question! Go Blanca! Video credit: 247sports.com