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Orlando Pastor shows love to grieving community

By: Rob
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When evil acts occur, like the one in Orlando over the weekend, it can be difficult to know what our response should be. And maybe for some, this can seem less obvious because of who it happened to.

kelvin cobaris
There's one Orlando pastor who wasn't afraid to do what he felt he had to do. We discovered this picture of Kelvin Cobaris, pastor of Impact Church of Orlando, embracing some of the very people who often are ostracized, and who were grieving. So we had to ask him about that moment. 

"When I saw someone hurting and broken, I just did what Jesus did," he says. "I put my arms around them and showed them the comfort and love they needed at that time." And he goes on to challenge believers to do the same, and to use this tragedy as an opportunity to show love.

It was also inspiring to hear what the conversation is like around his family's dinner table with his small children, which gives us some great ideas of how we can discuss this at home as well.

Listen to the full interview Blanca had with him here.