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Would you eat this?!

By: Rob
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There was a recent article in the Washington Post that raved about the new grasshopper tacos that are appearing on menus at some new local restaurants. They claim they're "so good that eating them won't feel like a dare." So it didn't take long for someone to get the bright idea to bring some in to try them out.

This morning, Jerry & Blanca invited Andrew Gonzalez of Lezo's Taqueria to come by and bring in a sample of this trending delicacy. Perhaps more surprising than the taste was the fact that the grasshoppers were just laying in a box much like you'd find them on the ground. "I was expecting a taco," said Blanca. "With lettuce, tomato, cheese, a tortilla...where I wouldn't have to actually look at them!"

Somehow Producer Spencer was spared from trying any. We're already thinking up another dare just for him.

Let us know in the comments below if you would try them, or if you've had them and what you think!