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Overwhelming support for Silver Spring residents

By: Blanca
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This is a good problem to have! The Silver Spring community has received clothing to the roof! Diapers and wipes are always welcomed. Cash donations and boxes are a continuing need.

Ken Flemmer, Executive Director of Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington, showed me his "conference room." Not a lot of talking happening in this room! :)

We ask you to continue to pray for all the families that are still without a home. Thomas Evans from the American Red Cross told me "people are getting restless," without a place to find true rest. Many are up in the middle of the night walking the halls, babies crying at all times of the day, and some waking up with nightmares from the trauma they experienced. If you stop to think about it, their home literally blew up in the middle up of the night.  I can't imagine an easy recovery from something like that. That is why your support through donations and prayer will make a big difference in their lives. 

If you're looking for ways you can help, you can find resources here.

Thank you for caring.