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A father and a drummer with a heart for this generation

By: Blanca
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If you enjoy the Newsboys, you'll want to hear more with Duncan Phillips.  He's an entertaining drummer to say the least, but you'll find out how God is using this band to impact our children in a positive way. "There's nothing that makes me more happy than seeing all those kids up front, lifting their hands, praising God." -Duncan Phillips
Any time we have a concert coming up, we like to catch up with the artists and get to know them a bit more. We think you'll enjoy going deeper with Duncan -from family to faith, from his biggest fears to what brings him more joy than anything else, and how he hopes we can as a Christian community rise up to be bold for Christ!
We were only able to air parts of this interview but here you'll get the whole scoop! Thanks for listening. 
Newsboys are coming to Fairfax, VA this Saturday night! Learn more>>