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Cold Weather Shelters

By: NNuser


Icy Potomac

It's going to get dangerously cold again tonight. Temps will drop to the single digits tonight and the wind-chill will make it feel near 0 in some places. The last thing we want is for anyone to be stuck out in the cold, so if you happen to notice or know someone who will need access to a warm shelter, we're providing some resources here to make sure they can stay warm and out of the elements.

The District

Hypothermia Shelter Hotline: 800-535-7252

D.C.'s Hypothermia Shelter Hotline provides transportation to emergency shelters, and distributes items such as blankets, gloves and jackets.

For more, .


Montgomery County:

  • Community Crisis Center: 240-777-4000
  • Non-Emergency Police: 301-279-8000
  • For more, click here.

Prince George's County:

  • Homeless hotline: 888-731-0999
  • Non-Emergency Police: 301-333-4000
  • For more, click here.



  • Winter Hypothermia Shelter: 703-548-7500
  • Non-Emergency Police: 703-838-4444
  • For more, click here.

Arlington County:

  • Emergency Winter Shelter (2049 15th St. N.): 703-228-7395
  • Non-Emergency Police: 817-274-4444
  • Community Assistance Bureau: 703 228-1300
  • For more, .

Fairfax County:

  • Non-Emergency Police: 703-691-2131
  • Office to Prevent and End Homelessness: 703-324-949
  • You can also call the shelters listed here directly.

Falls Church:

  • Winter Homeless Shelter (217 Gordon Road): 703-854-1400
  • Friends of Falls Church Homeless Shelter: 703-854-1400
  • Non-Emergency Police: 703-241-5053
  • For more, click here.