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Fill in the blank: Last time my child reminded me to...

By: Becky
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We've all been there - that moment as a child we felt a rush of hot emotion when someone said something hurtful about someone we love. As adults I think we kind of get numb to those experiences. I think we get jaded because we kind of expect the world to be a hard cold place. It sometimes takes the raw emotion of an innocent child to remind us that it doesn't have to be that way. And, making that difference to create a kinder gentler world begins with each of us.  

Lexi has a brother who is has autism. At just 6, she wrote a heartwarming letter to teachers at her school to help educate others to be compassionate when it comes to people who are different. Her letter has been seen thousands of times now, here's the highlight:

On Monday I felt very sad because a girl in my class said that my brother was weird.

My brother has autism and is not weird and I would like it if we could learn about all disabilities in schools so that everybody understands that some people are different, but we should all be treated the same.

Aw... the innocence of a child. When was the last time the child in your life tried to remind you to be more patient? More compassionate? To slow down? To not stress so much?

I know for me, it typically comes as a gentle reminder from the backseat - my kiddos reminding me to not get so irritated with that driver who is going 5 MPH in the left lane; that maybe that person is from out of town, is lost, or just doesn't know better. Or sometimes it's a reminder to just slow down a bit, and that it won't be the end of the world if we're a few minutes later. 

Maybe for you it's something else. What has your child reminded you of recently? Think about it, and let them know you appreciate them caring enough to remind you that it's important to feel like we used to as a child - with a heart filled with compassion.