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Spring clean your health: kick your smoking habit

By: Spencer

Spring is often seen as a time for a fresh start – with many of us spring cleaning around our homes. Why not do some spring cleaning when it comes to your health?

Spring is a great time to start healthy habits and kick the bad ones! One of the toughest bad habits to kick is smoking.

Quitting smoking is tough because:

·         Nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. Quitting can cause physical withdrawal symptoms including intense cravings, headaches, anxiety and sweating.

·         Cigarettes are often used to reduce stress. Many people smoke cigarettes because nicotine can momentarily boost your mood or reduce depression and irritability. However, the long-term health consequences outweigh these short-term effects.

Smoking cigarettes can cause a range of long-term health problems.

·         Lung cancer

·         Heart disease

·         Back pain

·         Osteoporosis (thinning of the bone)

·         Male impotence

·         Slower healing

Adventist HealthCare is part of a long history of efforts by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church to help people stop smoking. Here are some tips from Adventist HealthCare’s smoking cessation counselors

                      Get ready. Select a quit-date when you won’t have a lot of stress and tell people close to you about your plan.

·         Change your routine. If you usually smoke after lunch, take a walk instead.

·         Use medicine. Nicotine replacement therapy can help manage cravings.

·         Get support. You can seek help from a professional smoking cessation program like that at Adventist HealthCare or visit www.smokefree.gov for help.


Ready to quit smoking? Get a free consultation from Adventist HealthCare’s Tobacco Cessation Program.


Find more tips from Nurse Rose here: www.AdventistHealthCare.com/NurseRose.


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