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Get your kids ready for spring sports

By: Spencer

It may not feel like spring outside just yet, but many spring sports team are getting ready to start practice – if they haven’t already!

Before sending your kids back to the field, court or track – it’s important to prepare them for a safe, healthy season.

Prepare your kids for spring sports and activities with these tips.

·         Get a sports physical at your pediatrician – many athletic teams require one.

·         Do a helmet check to ensure bicycle and athletic helmets fit properly; check athletic helmets for the American Standards Testing Materials label.

·         Protect the teeth with mouth guards for contact sports.

·         Get the right gear – talk to your child’s coach to make sure you have the correct protective gear.

Help your kids avoid injury.

·         Get plenty of sleep

·         Avoid skipping meals

·         Stay hydrated before, during and after play

·         Tell kids to listen to their bodies and to stop and speak up if something hurts

·         Complete proper warm-up and cool-down with stretching

·         Always wear the proper protective gear

If your child is injured:

·         Seek medical attention early

·         Depending on the injury, physical therapy may help your child make a more complete recovery and prevent re-injury

·         Transition back to play slowly to prevent recurrent injury

Remember – you know your child best. If you suspect your child has a sports injury, visit the emergency department or your pediatrician.

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