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Don’t slip up!

By: Spencer

During the winter, Emergency Departments tend to see more injuries from slipping and falling due to icy and snowy conditions.

It may sound like no big deal, but falls can cause serious injuries.

·         Broken bones like wrist, arm, ankle and hip fractures

·         Sprains and strains

·         Head injuries

·         Bruising

The elderly are significantly more likely than younger people to fall and become injured. In fact, 2.8 million people ages 65 and older are treated in the emergency department for fall injuries each year – and one in five of those falls cause serious injury.

Keep these tips in mind, especially if you are over 65 or care for an elderly loved one.

·         Keep walkways, stairways and other areas clear.

·         Remove hazards like water on floors and snow on sidewalks immediately.

·         When walking, look where you are going and have your hands ready to steady yourself if you slip.

·         Avoid carrying heavy loads that compromise your balance.

·         Keep a cell phone on you in case you fall alone and need help.

When walking in snow:

·         Wear footwear with heavy treads.

·         Walk along grassy areas if the walkway is icy.

·         Make yourself visible to drivers by wearing a brightly colored coat.

·         Take short steps, walk at a slower pace and bend your knees a little.

·         Carry kitty litter or salt in your car in case of an unexpected snow/ice storm.

If you do fall, call for help immediately. If you are feeling disoriented or unable to move, call 911.

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