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Does God care about goldfish?

By: Rob
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Have you ever wondered why God would care about measly human beings?  He is the Sovereign God, the Creator of the universe.  Why would he be concerned with our small problems?  Most people have had the same question.  In fact, King David poses this question many times in the book of Psalms.  He asks in Psalm 8:4, Why would you even consider us mere mortals?

The Bible says that God loves all of us deeply.  Jesus explained that God is interested in the small things; even the hairs on our heads are counted! (Luke 12:2).

According to a news story from Australian, a woman became distressed when she noticed her goldfish was choking on a pebble.  She took her pet fish to a local veterinarian and asked them to save the dying fish.  Believe it or not, with the help of anesthetics, some gloves and a tiny instrument, the vet was able to grasp a small, jagged rock and remove it from the goldfish’s mouth.  The relieved pet owner gladly paid the hospital bill of over $500.  

This may sound ridiculous.  Why would someone spend that much money on a silly goldfish?  For a fraction of the cost the owner could have purchased a brand new fish.  Why would she take the time, energy, and money on such an insignificant goldfish?

God looks at us like the owner of the goldfish. We may seem small and inconsequential to others.  We may not even grasp our own value.  And yet, God cares so deeply for us that he will do everything to save our life.  In fact, he did! He gave up his own life so that we could have a second chance at life.  You may not think you are worth much, but never discount how much God values you.  He created you and desires for you to live your best life.

Kumar Dixit is the Chaplain of WGTS 91.9 in Washington, DC