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Worth more than gold

By: Rob
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For Britt Nicole, living in a broken home as a child forced her to grow up pretty fast. And she admits she had to work to find confidence. She was just 7 when her parents divorced, and remembers feeling broken, scared, and confused. But it was out of this that she learned how God can take the most broken times in our life and turn them around. 

She writes music to inspire young girls

When she meets young girls at her concerts, she notices the ones who have their heads down and can tell they don't love themselves. It's this passion for speaking truth and life into these young women that Britt finds her inspiration for writing her music. Her song "All This Time" is about how God has been with her since the very beginning. In fact, she recalls meeting God in her bedroom the night her parents told her they were getting divorced, and feeling His presence telling her "Britt, I'm right here with you."

You're worth more than gold

While we know how easy it is to focus on our mistakes and imperfections, Britt wants each young girl or woman to see themselves the way God sees them--that you are worth more than gold. And that was the inspiration behind her hit "Gold." Check out the video:

If you've got a young person in your life who needs a positive role model, bring them out to see Britt Nicole on The Plaza at Tysons Corner Center August 11 as part of the WGTS Summer Concert Series. Learn more>>