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Coach Trotz leads by example

By: Rob
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It all began at an Amy Grant Christmas concert when she talked about the impact Compassion International was having in the lives of children around the world. Inspired by this, Barry Trotz (now the head coach of the Washington Capitals) and his wife, decided to check out the table in the lobby and picked out a child. He says he just knew in his heart this was something they had to do with the goal of bringing hope and joy to a young person.
Their generosity has seemed to spill over and influence their own children. They've gone on mission trips and, as Barry puts it, they look at parts of the world that need some love and help and want to make that a part of their lives. Barry and his wife still support this person to this day, and have sponsored another child in the years since.
Listen to the full interview Johnny & Stacey had with Coach Trotz below.